One "Appetizer" + One "Entree" Selection = $13.95 only

You also get basmoti rice, nan bread, cucumber, rayta(yogurt) & mango chutney, with your order .


ENTREES (Daily Special)

Tikka Masala (CHICKEN): Best seller-cooked in tomato cream sauce
Korma (CHICKEN): cooked in almond cream sauce
Curry (CHICKEN):

Authentic home style curry sauce

Curry (LAMB):

Authentic home style curry sauce

Mushroom (LAMB):

Sauteed with fresh mushroom

Rogan Josh (LAMB):

Lamb cooked with cardamom sauce with tomato

Malai Kofta (VEGETARIAN): Vegetable balls cooked in sauce
Bharta - Eggplant (VEGETARIAN): Roasted and cooked with onions & peas
Alu Shag (VEGETARIAN): Fresh spinach & potatoes cooked with curry sauce
Motor Mushroom (VEGETARIAN):

Green peas with mushroom cooked in authentic

Fish Curry (SEAFOOD):

Salmon or Tilapia cooked with fresh tomato and onion sauce

Vindalu (CHICKEN) :

Very hot spicy vindalu sauce

Vindalu (LAMB):

Very hot & spicy brown sauce

Saag (LAMB):

Sauteed with fresh spinach

Appetizers (Daily Special)

Malai kabab(CHICKEN): Marinated in cream cheese
Chicken Tikka(CHICKEN): Tender pcs. Marinated in yogurt & spices
Boti Kebab (LAMB): Cubes of lamb marinated
Sheek Kebab (LAMB): Minced lamb from skewers
Samosas (VEGETARIAN): Consisting of potato & peas with chick peas
Banana Pakoras (VEGETARIAN): Banana fritters
Peazi (VEGETARIAN): Onion fitters
Alu Fried (VEGETARIAN): Crisp potatoes topped with chat masala
Alu Tikiyas (VEGETARIAN): potato cakes with chutney & chick peas
Mulligatawny (SOUP & SALAD):
Vegetable (SOUP & SALAD):
Chicken Soup (SOUP & SALAD):
Indian Salad (SOUP & SALAD): Mixed traditional Indian salad with house dressing
Mushroom (SOUP & SALAD) :